Format: Feature film

Target Audience: Adult 21-55 years 

Genre: Period drama

Two women embark on the journey of their lives when they travel to America to reunite with the GIs they met and married during wartime.

Synopsis available.

lady from the sea

Format: TV mini-series 8x1hr

Target Audience: Adult male/female 21-55 years 

Genre: Mystery/Period drama

​Sent to investigate the disappearance of a young missionary novice, a policeman discovers some dark truths about a remote port town, and garners a few secrets of his own.

Finalist: Australian Writers' Guild 'Think Inside the Box'
​TV writing competition.

Synopsis/pilot script/bible available.

The promised wife

Format: TV mini-series

Target Audience: Adult male/female 21-55 years

Genre: Thriller

Sent to Outback Australia to rein in a renegade MP, a cynical government spin doctor becomes trapped in a deadly conspiracy with her life in the hands of an innocent Aboriginal teenage mother and her child.


Development support: Screen Territory, Australia

Winner: Northern Territory Literary Award, Screenwriting

Recipient: Screen Territory Scriptwriting Mentorship 

Draft Script/synopsis available.





Format: TV series

Target Audience:  Adult 21-55 years 

Genre: Drama

After a middle-aged housewife's marriage falls apart she moves to Bali to manage a rundown hotel and finds a new community amidst a motley group of ex-pats. 

A series about the mystery of 'love' and the human need for connectedness, BALI LOVE celebrates all aspects of life in Australia's favourite playground.

Synopsis/bible available.